Jan Nack (DERMALOG Identification Systems )

  • Topic: The use of Biometrics in ID Card projects and the Banking Sector to reduce identity fraud

DERMALOG Identification Systems is an international market leader in the field of Biometric Identification Systems and a pioneer in the development of Biometric products and solutions. Based on project examples, which Dermalog could realize within the recent decade, we would like to point out the benefits and achievements of the biometric component, within different kind of ID-Projects. Key project is the Biometric Banking Project in Nigeria.

About the company:
The biometric innovations leader.
As a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions, DERMALOG has shaped the world of security for over 25 years. We have been and keep on revolutionizing biometric security products for law enforcement, civil governmental agencies like national registration, voter and driver registrations, health agencies, security agencies and develop
solutions for access and data security, authorization and authentication services as well as mobile security.